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Telesonic Singapore Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in June 1975. The company was established as a trading company and commission agents to serve the needs of the electrical/electronics industry. Over the years, the company has diversified from the traditional electrical/electronics field into other industries and products such as information technology equipment and accessories; petro-chemicals; industrial machineries and products; marine and agricultural equipment and supplies; commodities; and general consumer goods. Similarly, the company's markets has also expanded to cover many countries in Asia Pacific as well as Europe.

The company attributes its more than two decades of consistent positive financial results, even during the recent Asian financial crisis, to its maintaining its core strategy of focusing on doing what it knows best - providing financial and logistical services structured to the needs of its clients in trade-related businesses and activities.

Our competitive edge over other similar companies locally and internationally can be attributed to our successful implementation of the following strategies:

(i) We hold reliable agency lines and perform to the principals' satisfaction.
(ii) We select and support clients who are very familiar with their area of business and with good track records. We complement their transactions by offering our knowledge and expertise in structuring workable financial transactions which are fair and which result in a 'win-win' outcome for both parties.
(iii) We have established extensive networks in the countries where we have our main businesses such as Taiwan, Hongkong, China, and Indonesia wherein we can do effective groundwork, monitoring and keeping abreast of the local situations.
(iv) Through responsible dealings and rapport with our clients, we have developed a reputation for integrity and competence. We are known to be a trusted middle-party who do not take advantage of proprietory information obtained in the course of servicing our clients; and whom the clients can be always assured to protect their interests.
(v) We have achieved and maintained relatively strong financial status.
(vi) For over two decades, we have accumulated knowledge and experience on international trade finance and letter of credit transactions. We also have qualified and committed staff members; and we provide them with incentives and opportunities to constantly upgrade their skills.

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